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Roger Stevens building. Leeds, October 2014.
+ Black homeowners in the United States are so likely today to return to renter status that the gains made by blacks in homeownership since the 1970s have been effectively wiped out. The Housing Bubble Also Left Our Neighborhoods More Segregated (via thisiscitylab)
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The Rock Stadium
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simplicity in folding…
F-House by Yukio Hashimoto

it’s like a dog ear bookmark!
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Current read, about halfway there. Never read it in hs.
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(via Jim Lambie’s Stunning Geometric Floor Installations Create With Tape - Beautiful/Decay Artist & Design)
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Base Bench is a minimalist design created by Netherlands-based designer Arco. The bench was designed for the Base Table, which is also constructed of solid wood and concrete – durable materials that can withstand weathering. The wood is sourced locally from their factory in Winterswijk.
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Comfort Rock

Good start to summer. Thanks TBone.
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Church of the Resurrection (1959) in Bremen, Germany, by Carsten Schröck
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Very Wood: the new collection designed by Wanders, Weber, Herkner


See the interview to Marcel Wanders: http://youtu.be/nmloXR8d2Dg
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